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posted at 2015-11-03 09:53 by tseltzer

My team may field only 3 players this week, but I am having difficulty setting the lineup via the Web site.

Looking at the TL Web documentation, I found the following:

"Only 3 players available this week? - This is an unusual situation that should be avoided with prior planning. However, if you find it unavoidable, do NOT assign the player that you know is unavailable. This misleads your players' opponent, and frustrates your player when he must defend himself against a potential yellow card. Submit the board assignment, with the three players that you know are available. AND send an message to the teamleague account, so that the proper pairings take place."

However, when I try to submit the 3 player line up, I am told, "Must have 4 boards assigned" in bright red.

So, I am confused as to what to do.


posted at 2015-11-03 18:42 by jaberwock

F you can message me or cat with change, we can do manually while we figure out the problem.


posted at 2015-11-04 00:25 by smallblackcat

The way to set a 3 player line up is to select a blank fourth board. Unfortunately, I don't think that works when you have a full complement of 6 players, because there is no blank board. An unfortunate oversight within our systems.

posted at 2015-11-05 09:06 by tseltzer

Thanks to both of you for your posts, Jaberwock and SBC. Here is what I was told online @ FICS Tuesday afternoon:

tseltzer: may I ask you a TL question?
hugozver: sure
tseltzer: how to enter a lineup with only 3 players? The Web site is refusing to let me do so
hugozver: yes, that's the problem
hugozver: put anybody else on that place, and post in game forum
tseltzer: okay, thanks!

So, I will do hugozver's advice.

If any RR need to be deducted for phlemish not posting/playing this week, please deduct them from me not him, as I just picked him at random to be able to submit a lineup.


posted at 2015-11-05 18:35 by jaberwock

No punishment will be made.

Thanks for posting!