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Isn't TL arranged too fast nowadays?T51Index ->

posted at 2012-07-12 22:34 by Minhaz


The gap between TLs has significantly been shrunk than before. Is only one month really enough break? I think TL is losing its appeal a bit due to this fast arrangement.

Besides, the announced dates for future TLs are changed every time which creates some misconceptions.

I think the gap between TLs should be increased. And the future TL dates should remain unchanged. I hope everyone agrees with me.

Cheers :D


posted at 2012-07-17 07:40 by smallblackcat

Just to be clear, the reason the breaks are so short is a) because we are consistently running 4 tourneys a year now (a few years ago it was never more than 3), and b) because we re-introduced playoffs. We've also tended to allow an extension period for the playoff rounds, since we felt that such important games should be given enough time to be played.

This means effectively 9 weeks per tourney (7 rounds + 1 for playoffs + 1 for the extension period for playoffs), x 4 tourneys = 36 weeks of play a year, leaving 16 free weeks, or 4 weeks between tourneys.

The organisers find this schedule pretty hectic too (though at the moment I'm not really one of them, as I'm having a brief hiatus from TL). However, it's not easy to find ways to lessen the schedule without making unpopular decisions. The least painful change would be to cut back to 3 tourneys again, although I suspect people would start suffering TL withdrawal if we did that.

posted at 2012-07-17 07:43 by smallblackcat

Also, regarding the change to start dates: bear in mind that the full-year schedule was put together by me, in about five minutes flat, by the rigourous process of flicking through a calendar. Please remember, TL staff are (literally) a bunch of amateurs!

posted at 2012-07-19 19:45 by leifpetersen

It didn't occur to me that TL is too often. I like that there is not so long between, perhaps it's because I rarely make it to the playoffs unlike Minhaz ;-)

posted at 2012-07-20 07:13 by jaberwock

Also worth noting, the TL staffers are all (appreciated!) volunteers.

posted at 2012-07-21 09:10 by Minhaz

Haha thanks for your responses.

I admit TL staff are doing an excellent job. I just thought maybe the idea would be good. Anyways, TL IS GREAT!!!!!

Cheers :D


posted at 2012-09-05 07:50 by jaberwock

Minhaz, thanks for your input!

Our goal has been to schedule four TLs per calendar year while avoiding major holidays which might minimize participation.

The date changes have, in my view at least ben minimal, (T51 was changed by one week increasing the gap after T50.)
Some date changes are regrettable, and we can try and minimize them, but I doubt the changes made strongly affect attendance to much of a degree.)

I cannot argue against your concern that a month is insufficient time between TLs, as that is subjective, based upon many factors including work and vacation schedules. I suggest that if one month is not enough time to rest, that an individual sits out a TL and return for the next one.