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posted at 2012-01-08 16:46 by jaberwock

The following is a summary of the January 8, 2012 TD meeting.

1) Disconnectors: It was decided no major rule change was needed, but wording clarification in the rules and players handbook would be implemented before T49.

2) Pending implementation by our beloved programmers, players will be permitted read-only privileges for game forums of team members. The purpose will to allow reminders to meet scheduling deadlines and support players who are new to TL or have communications difficulties in English.

3) At the request of a TL member, we discussed whether a player be required to respond to a reschedule request from an opponent. We decided that responding would be considered normal and courteous, but not be required.

4) Players will continue to have RR (reliability rating) deductions posted in the game forum for no shows and no communication in non-played games. Players who allow their rating to reach zero will be dropped from TL.

5) We discussed the implementation of a new software component in scheduling games as demonstrated at It was decided to table this action pending possible feedback from TL members.

6) There was discussion to include players̢۪ time zones in game forum. For many reasons including those of privacy, this idea was dismissed.

7) There appeared general positive feedback on the automated game forum reminders.

8) Fernbap shared about the seamless transition to the website̢۪s new host, and about the potential expansion of features that may now be possible. He also discussed the changes needed in terms of the paypal account which will be utilized to pay for the annual fees for the host, as well as set up for safeguards for transition of TL officer duties.

posted at 2012-01-22 19:07 by samuraigoroh

A note to the main page should be posted, as not many players read the forum I believe.

posted at 2012-01-23 18:59 by smallblackcat

Minutes for TL meetings are not really a matter of concern for all players, so I think it's fine to post it here. If we do something major, like a rule change, we would make that known on the homepage, but otherwise this is forum material only, in my opinion.