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Drop/add requests bug22023-02-28pchesso

Game Forum Links12018-11-25KRMCHESS

Automated 1st contact deadline email32018-10-24pchesso

Games turning red42018-10-24KayVee

Hijacking attempt, dying....32018-10-24KayVee

Current issues - email and bot flaky72017-08-05tseltzer

Requesting Changes slight bug in captains forum12017-02-19KRMCHESS

Forum emails72015-11-08KayVee

Kibitz variable22016-02-23smallblackcat

Standings not updated after a forfeit32016-02-14jaberwock

Problem accessing FICS22016-01-17KayVee

Lineup with 3 Players52015-11-05jaberwock

Clocks in Pending game page102015-11-04LightKnight

Timestamp on game forum posts12015-10-24KayVee

Old games in games database cannot be viewed102015-10-18KayVee

Dead Links22015-10-18KayVee

Teamleague plugin12015-08-29kayvee

TD login difficulties22015-08-13jaberwock

TDs welcome message wasn't emailed to me32015-07-25jaberwock

Team Lineup Error32015-07-21KRMCHESS

Ongoing games on main page142014-05-02PankracyRozumek

Minor Suggestion42014-04-21jaberwock

tl finger PlayerName12014-04-14wmahan

Secure site12014-01-22wmahan

Server upgrades12014-01-01wmahan

Changes to fixed ratings calculation52013-12-20herrahuu

I would like to thank the admins for their actions92013-11-25robertfrost

New game forum162013-10-26wmahan

Can't log in112013-08-25wmahan

TD: Open all Game fora with 1 click12018-06-15pchesso

Displaying TDs, hiding Set Time32013-08-07pchesso

Whispering during games52013-05-08Mekk

Summer time change bug72013-03-12smallblackcat


Recent changes52013-02-23KRMCHESS

Champions page22013-02-21wmahan

Submit a team link42013-02-04wmahan

Receiving FICS messages instead of emails22013-01-31wmahan

Captains Page-Player Drop/Add42013-01-20wmahan

New feature: country flags142013-01-20wmahan

Setting the time after a game is played12012-12-04wmahan

Plan Ahead information is old32012-11-12wmahan

New game forum22012-10-29wmahan

Babas plugin time zone issues fixed32012-10-28nitreb

Team submission form52012-10-17jaberwock

Standings page12012-10-16wmahan

Board sort order12012-10-14wmahan

"tell teamleague history" change22012-06-02joshuar

Time zone in this board12012-05-10wmahan

Order of teams on the "teams" page22018-06-15pchesso

Bug in sending emails fixed12012-03-14wmahan

Calculation of standings12012-03-13wmahan

Changes to this forum52012-03-05joshuar

TD and admin setting game results improvements12012-02-21wmahan

Link to old board12012-02-18wmahan

Requiring a password to start the bot12012-02-16wmahan

Highlighting missed games12012-02-16wmahan