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This is the home of FICS TeamLeague. We organize slow time-control chess tournaments on the Free Internet Chess Server. Games are played by individuals, who compete for results as part of a team. We try to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our channel on FICS is 101.

Some Technical Glitches...

Posted at 04/05/15 - 08:17 PM

Some Technical Glitches...

As you will all no doubt have noticed, the start of T59 hasn't gone entirely smoothly. Please accept the apologies of the TL staff for these difficulties. It has been very gratifying to see how much patience and understanding has been shown by TL players so far.

The old (or 'classic') game forum will be discontined from this point. Hopefully most of you have been using the 'new' game forum for some time already, but there may be a few dinosaurs (like myself) who have stuck with the classic game forum until now. If anyone is unable to view the new game forum, it should be possible to do so by logging in, clicking your handle, and ticking/unticking the box marked 'Use new game forum style'. It may also be necessary to logout and login again, or to refresh Update: It appears that the simplest solution is simply to go to the following webpage:

This change should make it easier to fix the incorrect game forum clocks. For those still confused, server time is now EDT. You can always check this on FICS using the "date" command, or you can also do a google search for "time eastern USA".

The email notification system is more troublesome. Our chief programmer is working on fixing this, but for the time being all players should check the pairings page to see if they have a game. Also, captains of teams that had a round 1 bye are requested to help by keeping their players informed about the difficulties.

Hopefully all will be restored to working order soon. Once again, thanks from the TL staff for your continued patience.

As ever, questions are always welcome in channel 101, or via FICS message to the TeamLeague account.

Author: smallblackcat

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