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posted at 2016-01-30 12:48 by schachbjm


I thought about having a "challenging list"/"ranking list". We have it at our local tennis club and it is quite fun.

There is a ranking pyramid and every player can challenge all players on the same stage and all players who are on his right on the next higher stage. For instance, player 13 can challenge 11 & 12 (left on the same stage) and player 9 & 10 (right on the higher stage). (

I would suggest that the players agree on a time control (like snailbucket) and play 2 games within 2 weeks. If the match is tied, there will be two 15 0 rapid games, followed by 5 2 blitz games if necessary.

New players are added at the bottom of the list.

The advantage of such a ranking list is that all players are very flexible. They can decide whether they want to play 4 games per year (minimum) or 50 games.

The main disadvantage is that there are several events/tournaments (Teamleague, Simultan, Teamgames, Snailbucket, OTB, local events, ...) currently. Another point is that it is some organizing and eventually programming work.

Is there is anybody who is interested in participating in something like this.

Best regards

posted at 2016-01-31 04:46 by herrahuu

I might be interested. What would be platform for challenges and ladder etc.?

posted at 2016-01-31 06:21 by nraravind

This looks interesting. I have a couple of questions.

1. Is the goal to change the pyramid and see what the final standings are at the end of the year?
2. Is it the case that unlike TL games, we have no separate ratings, but just rankings based on performance within the pyramid?

posted at 2016-01-31 06:45 by schachbjm

Thx for the feedback and the questions!

I did not have thought about a platform yet. Maybe, we can use the snailbucket website for it.

I would use the current TL rating in order to make an initial pyramid. Afterwards, we do not need a rating system anymore.
Whenever a player beats a higher ranked player, he will get his current rank in the pyramide and the challenged player will drop one place in the standing.
New players are added at the bottom of the pyramid.

For instance, when the no.13 ranked player beats the player ranked no.9, he will be the new no.9 and the challenged player will drop to rank 10.

There is not a defined ending of it, nevertheless it is possible to honor the top players at the end of the year.


P.S. I started a list for interested players. Please contact me via a fics message, when you are interested! It is fine to play only a couple games per year (minimum 4)!

posted at 2016-01-31 06:57 by Azubuike

It would be interesting really... I don't oppose!

posted at 2016-01-31 20:29 by joshuar

The easiest system might be a straight ladder (rather than a pyramid) with a public google-docs or excel page that anyone could view (no programming or software required in that case).

posted at 2016-02-02 15:16 by joshuar

Nice! I'd be interested in holding up the pyramid in one of the bottom rankings, also.

posted at 2016-02-18 02:48 by schachbjm

First design of the rules!
Feel free to suggest any improvements and changes!

It would be nice when a few of the more experienced TL-players would be so kind to be the TDs of this "tournament".

The start of this untimed tournament is the beginning of March.

I ll publish a link to a google calendar soon in order to give everybody the chance to see when interesting games will take place.

Feel free to join this event. There are already 15 players in there.

Best regards

EDIT: I created a snailbucket wiki page with all relevant information!
Please check out: