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posted at 2016-11-18 08:01 by Elguerra

It will be better to all people add his country flag, is interesant for schedule match, in both sides if you know the local time of your opponent you can make a reasonable proposal.
Also is for example today in my round I dont know where from my oponent so I have to wait prior to reschedule the game.
It should be a requeriment to add the flag, in my opinion.

posted at 2016-11-20 12:07 by herrahuu

Or rather the timezone or always bad hours or...

posted at 2016-11-20 17:02 by jaberwock

Think you for your suggestions.

Players have voluntarily chosen whether or not to include flags. Sometimes they choose the country of their origin or current residence.
Having a flag of current residence would not necessarily indicate which hours they would be available, as some people work or sleep at different shifts.

Good communication between players in game forum takes a bit of effort, but there is no substitute for that and its results.

posted at 2016-11-20 17:02 by jaberwock

Thank you, not think you. :)

posted at 2016-11-21 14:18 by Elguerra

OK , ok as I said it is in my opinion...

Sure there be some people that don't set a flag may be because didn't know how to do. Me for example, but may be I am so rare so it is not a good example.

Anyway, doesn't care about , I made this post because last round I played with an Australian player , his local time is 11 hours later than Spain , so I choice a reschedule time not so good for him, because I don't knew where he from (or live).

If read the communications about this match you understand me better.

But by other side I understand your comments and you right I think, so let's go .Tks

It is for Herrahuu, nobody has the entire true, the big things are build about littles ones.

posted at 2016-11-21 16:18 by joshuar

The trick is early and timely communication so that when you discover all your first offers were in the middle of your opponent's working day, you still have plenty of time to find a more suitable time.

posted at 2016-11-24 07:52 by Elguerra

Sorry but this communication did not went as you said, he post me his proposal and I choose one date of this.

He and me accepted and agree.

On this date my opponent was missing , and I wait for more than one hour, after he post me about the reason, his computer was broken just at the match hour, and he said sorry , so I accept to give him a chance to fix another match date. I wait for half hour but he was not online then because I didn't knew where he from I set a match time by my side. Afterwards he also set this, and also at this moment I knew he Lives in Australia.

All went as you said early and timely, but the murphy law is always running.

Anyway for me all is clear and closed.

posted at 2016-11-28 19:28 by kurumim

I agree with jaberwock and Joshua R that good and timely communication is the main factor in negotiations, but Elguerra has also made a good point on the usefulness of flags. In most cases the flag gives you an exact or approximative idea of your opponent's timezone, so it definitely saves time in negotiations. For instance, if I'm going to play someone from Europe, I know I can't offer to schedule the game for 22:00 h Brasília time, whereas I can do that if my opponent is from the US or Canada. Yes, some people have peculiar schedules or don't live in the country they represent, but in general flags give you a good indication of the times you'll be able to work with. It's also a nice feature because it makes people in the TL community get to know one another a little more.

While I'm against the idea of obliging anyone to set any information, I think players should be encouraged by captains and teammates to set their flags. Maybe some of them haven't done so because they've never checked out their profile here on the TL website, as Elguerra pointed out. And of course those who openly prefer not to use this feature shouldn't be bothered at all.