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posted at 2016-10-14 15:05 by smallblackcat

As Fischer only has 6 teams this time (a necessity given the overall numbers), it will only have a 5-round regular season. In order that this section runs more or less parallel to the other sections, there will be two byes for all teams.

This hasn't been finalised yet, and pairings are not yet set, but my current thinking is that there should be a bye in the middle (say round 3 or 4), followed by one in round 7, to give a full extension period prior to the playoffs.

If anyone wants to share any thoughts or concerns about this schedule before I set it (most probably in two days time), please share them here.

posted at 2016-10-15 09:51 by schachbjm

I think this suggestion is best for us fischer players.
First of all, there is not too much time between round 5 and the beginning of the playoffs.
Furthermore, extinctions are allowed in round 5, which makes the scheduling process much easier.

Best regards

posted at 2016-10-16 17:07 by smallblackcat

Ok seeing as no-one raised any objections, I have paired Fischer so that everyone has a bye in round 4, and again in round 7.

I should note that the statutes call for a 'position round' at the end of the schedule in a Hex Division (5 or 6 teams). This statute dates from before the currnent playoff system was in place. Given that the current model sees a playoff between first and second, to have a position round where the first and second-placed teams (and third and fourth, fifth and sixth) play eachother seems a) repetitive, and b) competitively unfair to the top two teams.

Therefore we are not going to have a position round.