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Winter time - please checkT65Index ->

posted at 2016-10-26 14:28 by alexmontes

A reminder to all european players: in Europe we revert to winter time this weekend (Sunday 30 October at 3 am local time), whereas the server will change, if I am not wrong, on November 6. So next week (and only for one week) your usual time difference wrt the server will be one hour less.

If I am wrong, please someone correct me.

posted at 2016-10-28 01:02 by smallblackcat

Good point Alex, thanks for posting this reminder. I've updated the homepage now.

Server time does not change until November 6th; I was aware that this change was coming, but hadn't realised that Europe was already changing this weekend (and incidentally in my part of the world, daylight saving begins/ends at a completely different time).

I hope no-one will be taken unawares by this change.