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posted at 2021-06-02 02:44 by prezandy


Team NewBlood invites everyone to take part in the traditional Warm-Up Open tourney!
4 Rounds, "10+15", Swiss.
Sat Jun 5th, 12:00 ST, Channel 49

Details below.

posted at 2021-06-02 03:02 by prezandy

Dear Leaguers!

Team NewBlood invites everyone to take part in the traditional Warm-Up Open tourney! Initially it was created as an intrateam tourney to let teammates get better prepared for a new season. Then the concept was changed for an Open tourney, and the renovated Open Tourney has commenced since TL78, each time covering a weekend preceding a season.

Here is yet another edition of the Tourney, we welcome anyone who is interested in spending 3 hours of playing in a friendly atmosphere, having fun and warming-up for the Season!

TL82 Warm-Up NewBlood Open Tourney

Location: FICS, Mamer-operated tourney (all information will be available on channel 49)
Tourney Director: LightKnight
Participants: Everybody is welcome (OPEN tourney)
Time control: 10 min + 15 sec/move
Number of rounds: 4
Tourney system: Swiss
Scheduled date: Saturday, Jun 5th, 2021
Scheduled time: 12:00 Server Time (ST)
Late Check-In: It is allowed to enter the tourney from the 2nd Round. It is not allowed to enter in later rounds.

The schedule of the Tourney:
Round 1: 12:00 ST
Round 2: 12:45 ST
Round 3: 13:30 ST
Round 4: 14:15 ST
So within 3-hour window the Tourney is completed. We have fun and get prepared for the Season!

Distribution of places:
If the same points scored by a number of players, the following Tie-Break factors are in force:

1) Buchholz (TB1)
2) Avg. FICS rating of played opponents (TB2) (FICS rating at the moment of each game is accounted, as presented for each game in FICSGAMES.ORG database) - where necessary.


The concept of the Tourney implies the following peculiarities:

1) Number of Rounds played (4 Rounds or 3 Rounds in case of late Check-In) is not taken into account. However, we encourage players to join in time to have all 4 games played. No points granted for missed 1st Round.

2) Points granted in case of BYE or WBF (Win-By-Forfeit) are considered "minor" points, thus putting a player to the bottom of the group of players who scored same points. Such case means TB0 in force, other Tie-Break factors (TB1 and TB2) are not taken into account for that player.
P.S. We try to avoid BYEs by setting even number of players for Round 1 and Round 2. However, we can't control other rounds in the same manner, and occasional BYEs may occur.

Technical Notes:
1) In case you don't have channel 49 in your list on FICS, please add it: "+ch 49". There you'll be given all the announcements and instructions.
2) At the scheduled time (Sat, Jun 5, 12 h server time), you'll be informed of how to join the Tourney. Just type "td join #", # being the tourney number.
3) Then you'll play the games in sequence (you type the "td play #" command or just accept the challenge), as each round starts and ends. You'll also see the results and pairings of the games on your console.

1) Automatically generated scoresheet will be available right after the Tourney is finished. However, places are not distinguished in groups of players who have scored same points.

2) Detailed results (considering Tie-Break factors described above) will be published on NewBlood Team website shortly after (the link will be shared here on TL Board).

Welcome! See you on Saturday, Jun 5th at 12:00 Server Time! Please don't be late! Ciao! :-)