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posted at 2015-12-19 17:06 by joshuar

At MFO, Buti_Oxa hand-built (essentially) fantastic chess tools to our forum. We had correspondence chess, editable chess diagrams, a PGN game viewer, and a tool that could embed Watchbot games into forum posts.

Rather than suggest we build these tools for this forum, I suggest the forum admin add the embedding ability such that it only becomes a BBCode to insert any of the above into a post on these forums.

For instance, Mekk notes how to embed watchbot games using html here:

The forum admin could create a BBCode like [WB]1018421[/WB] which would embed the AlefZero FlorinC game with whisper commentary from here:

If people have a preference for similar Diagram Wizards from third parties, embedding those could be as simple as [diagram]link[/diagram] or as an image if you use something like using "img" tags:

EDIT: Seems the IMG tags didn't work for me.

And a PGN viewer such as seen on web sites like would also be fantastic to be able to embed (self analysis of games, team games with whispered comments when watchbot isn't there... etc). I don't know if people have a favored pgn viewer. I know there are a few out there, but I don't know the best one.

When I used to post my games/analysis on MFO, I tended to freehand the moves and just add diagrams and my own commentary in key positions rather than use a viewer, but for something like the TL vs schachbjm game, a PGN viewer would be pretty nifty to embed.


posted at 2016-07-14 14:32 by joshuar

Looks like chessbase now has a free viewer you can embed etc.

Any way to add a bbcommand to embed in forum posts? We could then post games/analysis more easily.

posted at 2016-07-17 06:35 by KayVee

My work is keeping me very busy these days. I'll consider this for implementation in the future.

By the way the "img" codes work as long the images are hosted at an accessible place. For instance, see my link to the image

posted at 2016-07-17 19:23 by JoshuaR

Thanks KayVee!