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posted at 2013-03-03 21:13 by finlip

Would be nice to have the team league go on for 52 weeks without breaks.

posted at 2013-03-03 21:15 by bowserjrzhu

How do you recruit players with NO time at all? :)

posted at 2013-03-03 21:23 by Finlip

recruitment for t54, for example can start in the middle of t53. simple.

posted at 2013-03-03 21:55 by jaberwock

Let us not overlook that TL staff may need and appreciate a break between tournaments. :)


posted at 2013-03-11 19:21 by Misteraw

hi i have a suggestion for the next team league tournament ...Why not ad a round for the playoff.Team who finish 1st pass directly to the final and team who finish 2nd play teaM who finish 3rd in the semi final and the winner play team who finish 1st in the final.