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posted at 2013-04-30 22:37 by twikki

On the pairings page, show the current team scores. And add the bye team just so their team score is displayed with the others. Also have a # link to the section on the standings page.

<# link> AB Section: TD sbc
AB-Noobs (4*) 0-0 AB-Patzers (4.5)
AB-Kibitzers (1) 0-0 AB-Quebecians (3.5*)
AB-Snakes (2) 0-0 AB-Foxes (3)
AB-Guppies (3) BYE

(Some team names may have been altered to protect the not so innocent.)

posted at 2013-04-30 22:52 by twikki

bah, figured it would blow off the fake html tags. Close the # link somewhere. :P