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posted at 2012-10-31 14:38 by leifpetersen

I would like that the admins cancel the idea that an interval counts as one time suggestion.

If some posts an interval of at least an hour length it should count as two time suggestions,the opposite is absurd. Many players inadvertently "only post two times", because they post intervals in the best meaning.

posted at 2012-10-31 16:38 by smallblackcat

Agreed, that particular article is archaic. I believe it comes from before the split with ICC, when a lot of rules were unnecessarily dogmatic.

In practice, TDs are able to use their common sense in these matters, and acknowledge that a range constitutes at least two time offers, since there are always two extremes of a range or interval offer.

The purpose of the rule was to make sure people didn't just offer one range of times, but rather would make offers on different days to help accommodate opponents. It should be better written, so that the point is clear.

posted at 2012-11-01 02:10 by leifpetersen

As good as it sounds relying on common sense can be frustrating. Make the rules clear.

posted at 2012-11-09 22:23 by Pawnadian

I agree with this suggestion. IMO the rules should specify that a range of times of at least a certain number of hours (personally I would set it at at least two) should count as two time offers. But not more than two because we would prefer that the third offer be on a different day.

I intend to bring this up for discussion at the next meeting.

posted at 2012-11-10 19:21 by Funkmaus

Good idea for the meeting, but still:
For example: 5-hour-window Tuesday, ST 15:00-20:00 cant count as 3 suggestions, because the hours are limited. That would be: 00:00am-5:00am in Europe.

posted at 2012-11-11 22:59 by smallblackcat

In my opinion, a range should count as two time offers (not more, or less) for the following reasons:

1. A range by definition includes at least two offers (the start and end of the range).

2. Players are obliged to make offers on at least two different days, so the above example of a range from 15:00-20:00 on one day would not satisfy the minimum requirement for time offers anyway.

3. The only situation where this rule comes up is when initial offers are being made. Players who offer ranges need to be made aware that a single, long range is insufficient, because they need to meet the two-day rule as well. If a range counts as two offers, then they know they need to provide one more independent offer to meet the minimum requirements.

As I pointed out in my initial reply, TDs apply common sense to situations when there is a dispute over ranged offers. I recall one situation where a dispute took place, and it was ruled that a player who offered two time ranges on two different days had met requirements.

However, the rule should be made clearer so that such a dispute would not even occur. I can't think why ranges should count as just one offer, unless the purpose is to deter people from making range offers entirely. Instead of trying to change behaviour, it makes more sense to change the rule.

posted at 2012-11-12 07:18 by samuraigoroh

A range time offer could be seen as 1 offer if the range is too narrow (e.g. like only 30 minutes wide), although there is no rule that offering two times so close shouldn't count separate, but that's just twisting the rules (which is just infair, though within the current rules...)

posted at 2012-11-23 22:00 by JoshuaR

I had always interpreted the rule as three different time ranges, and given that it's a bit deceiving to pretend I can only play at 10:00 exactly on the hour and not more, not less, as well as 11:00 on the hour, and not more, not less, I always offer three time ranges.

I also feel that this is more sporting, accommodating, and allows for more efficient scheduling. For example, I tend to offer a local morning and local evening time on at least two different days, and I offer a range of at least one hour for each offering. This is a bare minimum, but even this makes it far easier to schedule than offering "2000 on Tues or Friday," or as this suggestion might suggest: "Tuesday from 1100-1300." Three hours are contained in the time, but I don't recall a definition that each hour counts as a new time offer, but still this is a very limited offer and surely if a player offered himself up to play for a given week, he has at least one more available time for scheduling.

posted at 2012-12-12 08:31 by leifpetersen

@JoshuaR my intention was not to raise requirements, nor lower them. For many busy family people it can be a
challenge to participate already now, and to offer three times.