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posted at 2011-09-23 18:50 by wmahan

This was Jenny's idea, but I am mentioning it here in case anyone wants to discuss it before the TD meeting. The idea is that TDs can recommend an RR penalty even when a game ends up being played.

The current system of assigning RR penalties depends on the kindness of the opponent. If the game is rescheduled, then no penalty is given, regardless of how blatant the offense was. The point of the RR system is to determine how reliable players are, and avoid scheduling unreliable players. Given that this is primarily for the benefit of the offending player's future opponents, I don't see why the choice should be up to the current opponent. This change would allow players to choose whether to claim a forfeit or reschedule the game without consideration of whether the choice will result in a penalty for the opponent.

A possible downside of this idea: lazy TDs like me, who currently might not check a game forum after a game has been played, will have a little more work. It will be necessary to read all game forums to see if either player missed a scheduled time and the game was subsequently rescheduled.

posted at 2011-09-23 21:31 by joshuar

I almost made this exact post the other day (okay, approximate since we would have used different words). Then I didn't want to look dumb in case I was already supposed to be doing this. Kidding, but yes, even if an opponent is lenient, I'm not sure why the RR penalty would be waived.

posted at 2011-09-28 19:05 by milpat

i support Jenny/wmahan's idea, if player miss scheduling deadline(s) or/ no show to a shcheduled game, RR penalty must be considered even the game is re-scheduled.