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posted at 2014-06-18 14:07 by maors

Dear TL management and community,

In the last TL, a member of my team got a direct Red card (a banning) in round 6 for the reason of "general misconduct". My team's captain has already appealed in the accepted channels, but I still want to share my thoughts and suggest some ideas to improve the TL which we all cherish.

In my point of view, scores should be decided on the board as much as possible. Cheating should be punished without mercy. But concerning other disturbances, a red card shouldn't be used as easily as today, which bring me to the next topic.

For the TL to run smoothly, we (the players) need to follow the rules which apply to all. However, the rules that posted in the TL website are outdated for a long time. In the same section of the "general misconduct" (17) there are referring to sections 3(B) and 11(B) which contain entire different subjects, and that’s only a small example for how much the rules are outdated.

In this case, giving a red card for a general reason that can be interpreted in many ways, a general reason which is also written in an outdated section, is even more questionable.
Don't get me wrong – I am appreciate the dedication of the TL volunteers, but I wish you will take my letter as constructive criticism with the goal of making the TL better.

As my team's captain already got answer for his appeal, I got no hope for the decision to be changed. However, I do hope for a different decision-making of the management in the future, and I also hope for the updating of the rules section in the website. For the latter, Im offering my help and I'm sure many other players will be ready to help as well.

Maor (maors),
a proud member of LightSpartans team.

posted at 2014-06-21 23:00 by jaberwock


Thank you for your posting.

I have no argument that the organization and wording of the rules and constitution need attention, and discussion has started on this issue.

Your offer of help is appreciated, and we will also look at ways feedback can be assimilated into necessary changes.