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posted at 2015-04-15 18:20 by samuraigoroh

I was surfing in Twitch and noticed that there is a section about Chess (Twitch is a live streaming platform that mainly focus in videogames, so you can watch other people playing whenever they go online).

In order to stream, you need to run any application that can record a window or screen and upload it in real-time, there is a list of the most common apps used in the following link:

Now, I can see some good and bad things about this:

* You can record yourself playing & even include a camera (if you want/have).
* Publicite TeamLeague tournament and FICS server to other media.

* There's a chat if you're watching your stream, so is prone to have spoilers about positions (but that's if you're reading it & I think you can disable it).
* May slow down internet creating some lag if your Internet is bad.

So, I was wondering what is everyone's though about this?

samurai goroh