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posted at 2013-10-12 06:09 by KRMCHESS

While trying to get teams organised I've come across a problem. Basically what happens is that a captain has no way of knowing if a player is eligible before we submit team. This mainly applies to people that have been banned from TL. Of course while on one hand we get confidentiality etc arguments I'll present a typical scenario.

Let's say that player "Example" with rating xxxx has been banned from TL. Player "Example" then approaches a captain asking to play in TL. Captain can see maybe a forfeit or two but they can receive a plausible explanation. Then captain figures they'll check TL bot and enters

"tell teamleague check example" and they'll receive following back in console despite Example being ineligible

tell teamleague check Example
:Information for the given players:
:Example Joined. Rating is: xxxx

My suggestion is quite simply to have it so that players who are banned do not show up as joined so captains know they cannot choose them. Alternatives are that either when captains submit teams they discover that the have players missing and panic in the first round when they have an incomplete team/missing players or that captains need to ask TL admins to confirm each player is eligible one by one.

A slightly more worrying thought that might or might not be possible is that if a banned player shows up as joined on TL bot then by extension could they not also show up as an interested player. This means that you could have half a dozen captains looking to get someone who was never even theoretically available

It is possible that there has been a sudden show of leniency that I've missed although if scenario I've described does happen it would be nice to have it fixed or upgraded.

posted at 2013-10-14 14:59 by wmahan

Thanks for the suggestion. I changed the bot to show a message for a player who is not eligible to play, whether because their RR is 0 or for some other reason.

posted at 2013-10-15 01:34 by PankracyRozumek

Thanks, this is helpful feature!

posted at 2013-10-16 15:10 by KRMCHESS

Thanks, it should be quite helpful, especially at start of season when getting teams together. I'll also note that eligible is currently spelt incorrectly although it does not affect functionality so it's merely cosmetic and important part is already done

:Example is not currently elegible to play

could be changed to:

:Example is currently ineligible to play in TL