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posted at 2013-10-26 09:02 by Keresch

i wish that TL time control becomes at least 75 minutes with 30 seconds increment 45 45 is sometimes not enough specially at the higher sections of TL...thanks

posted at 2018-05-26 01:45 by pchesso

I propose creating a "moretime variable" if that is technically possible. The default would be: Games get played like now, without moretime. But if *both* players have their moretime variable set ("tell teamleague set moretime 1"), the Teamleague bot could add to their clocks

- e. g. 30 minutes on move 40 (FIDE format), or
- e. g. 22.5 minutes on move 45 (TL flavour, sort of), or even
- e. g. 22.5 minutes on move 23 and another 22.5 minutes on move 45.

posted at 2018-05-26 02:43 by schachbjm

I like the current time control :)
45 45 guarantees that good chess can be played and it is possible to find a three hours time spot on weekdays.

@pchesso technically that should be possible. There is a "moretime" command on the server.
The idea to increase the timecontrol if both players agrees to do so, sounds reasonable.

Best regards

posted at 2018-05-27 05:19 by KRMCHESS does technically explicitly prohibit more time (along with takebacks).

FIDE has been moving away from quickplay finishes where you get 30min to finish the game preferring increments as you do get issues with people losing on time without increments.

Considering that where I live that a lot of the otb leagues have time controls of 60min for 30 moves + 20min quickplay finish and then you look at TL time control assuming a 60 move game you're looking at 1hr30min for each side so it's not that bad to me. To me time management is an important part of the game as playing too fast or too slow can adversely impact results.

If wanting longer time controls probably best option is something like Snailbucket where players can choose additional time controls and if both players prefer another one then it gets chosen although in that case if one person chose 45 45 as default that was time control used.