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posted at 2014-01-11 07:33 by ohzoso

Not a proposal just an observation: i`ve noticed in TL56 that at least 2 teams (Lasker Section)have exceeded Section max. average rating. In the final standings these 2 teams ended up first and second place (maybe by accident?)
I`ve always thought that rules are rules to be followed?

Just wondering ;)

posted at 2014-01-11 11:51 by krmchess

Actually I think rules were followed. Only thing is that new TL ratings were updated while last season's groups were still up but all games had been completed. The teams who had players who performed better than their rating gained points and thus when the team's ratings were recalculated for TL 57 it would have been above upper limit if submitted for TL 56 and same sections arose. As most teams try to get as close to rating limit as they can and that teams that won gained rating points it means that in every section winning team has new ratings above section limit for last season.

I hope that makes sense. I personally found it quite handy as it meant that at a glance I can see everyone's new TL ratings without having to ask TL bot

posted at 2014-01-11 15:04 by ohzoso

Thx for your explanation.