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posted at 2013-01-31 04:31 by wmahan

I've rewritten the code that sends emails. The main change is that captains now have the option of receiving all TeamLeague messages as messages on FICS, instead of as emails. To receive FICS messages instead of emails:

tl set message 1

If you use this setting, you should always keep your number of FICS messages under 40 (or use the "mailmess" feature), to ensure you do not miss any important communications.

To go back to getting emails rather than FICS messages (the default when an email is set):

tl set message 0

The change mostly affects captains and dept. captains, who until now were forced to receive game forum posts and other messages via email. If you do not have an email address set, nothing changes for you; you will still receive FICS messages.

Other minor changes:
* When a post is added to a game forum, the game ID is included in the email subject.
* Consistent From: and Subject: lines are used for all emails. Previously, the From: and Subject: changed depending on whether you were white or black in a game, the phase of the moon, etc.
* The new code is shorter, so it should be simpler to maintain and debug.

Possible future changes:
* Add a notice "do not reply by email" to game forum emails

posted at 2013-01-31 12:40 by wmahan

To make sure no one is surprised by the change, I have reset the setting to 0 for all players. If you previously did "tl set message 1", you will need to do it again.