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posted at 2017-02-19 19:06 by KRMCHESS

I noticed a slight issue that makes it a bit awkward changing lineups if you need to make a second change before first is approved. I submitted a change to one of my teams via following method

1. Went to
2. Selected "Request changes" that goes to a link
3. Received a message saying "Request to edit team

There is already a pending request for that team. The submitter should cancel it first."
It should be noted I was submitter.
4. Having looked around I then clicked on "add/remove players" on left hand side that took me to where I was able to cancel request to make a new change.

So basically in summary what would make things easier is that when message saying previous submission must first be cancelled that you can also see submission and cancel it in effect merging two pages together. Another option is to have a hyperlink to take you to pending submissions.

It's fairly minor but I thought I'd mention it since at first I thought it was impossible to cancel request and only by speculatively clicking links could I find method and I suspect other people may find themselves in same situation