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posted at 2013-05-03 18:35 by Finlip

I felt this was a technical issue. If it isn't please move this topic to an appropriate place or remove it.

We, myself included, whisper during our games. According to the Laws of Chess, we are forbidden to take notes while playing chess. Isn't whispering our thoughts somewhat equivalent to taking notes? I love to whisper and get comments from observers and later read the comments and learn from them. I don't try to refer to my whispered comment to check my calculations either. Just wondering what the general opinion is about this issue.

posted at 2013-05-03 18:43 by JoshuaR

A good point. I had thought about this in the past, seeing some people post long calculations, and myself posting my own thoughts and then being able to read them. In the end I figured it was better for our league, for fun, for entertainment, that we continue to whisper "live" analysis rather than worry about anything more serious.

posted at 2013-05-03 18:50 by smallblackcat

Speaking as a serial offender when it comes to whispering in my own games, I think the enjoyment of TL is enhanced by this too. I do find that whispering helps my clarity of thought, which I suppose could be seen as gaining an advantage. This is not an unfair advantage though, because anyone can do it. Besides, the excess time consumed by whispering probably makes the whole thing a wash anyway.

To take a very legalistic view of this, whispering cannot be considered against the rules in TeamLeague. It is not dealt with specifically in the statutes, but in general the rules state that games should be played according to the rules of the site. FICS clearly permits self-whispering, therefore it is permitted in TL. This 'house rules' approach is also used in some OTB settings, for example where arbiters have a policy against forfeiting late players, even though FIDE specifically calls for this (or did at some stage anyway, maybe they have since repealed it).

posted at 2013-05-03 22:18 by jaberwock

I am unclear how it is equivalent to taking notes.

Watching those people adept at typing AND playing chess amazes me, and while I am not one of those, I find no reason at this time to consider prohibiting it for TL.

posted at 2013-05-08 03:08 by Mekk

Note that there is absolutely no way to detect people taking notes on paper, in text editor, or anywhere else. Forbidding whispers would only make teamleague less enjoyable for spectators and players.

My whispering activity varies, but from time to time I try to post some lines and ideas. I do not feel it helps me during the game (more likely it may harm a little bit as it takes some time), but I find those notes very useful during post-game analysis, when I can compare my in-game whispers with actual game progress and engine evals.