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posted at 2011-07-05 13:35 by smallblackcat

A minor announcement that I left off the homepage, for reasons of brevity. We have made a slight alteration to the TL rating formula; it is still a 70/30 split between FICS rating and TL performance rating, but only performance from the 4 most recent tourneys is used. It was felt that performance ratings dating back to 2007 would not accurately reflect some players' current strength. As always, "tell teamleague check" gives a player's current TL rating.

posted at 2011-07-05 18:57 by joshuar

This sounds like a good idea. It would have under-ranked us lower tiers, in particular... Even though I'm going to get absolutely thrashed in the next TL with my current fixed rating, haha. Oh dear. Karma.