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posted at 2012-09-07 13:12 by Jammes

A teammate today had a sucking connection. He adjourned by disconnect, reconnected, adjourned by disconnection ....
To solve the issue his opponent offered him a draw instead adjourning the game for a longer period.

I would like to know what the rules are for such cases?
If my teammate would have liked to play on, what are his options? Playing the game with maybe 100 reconnects until it ends? Or can he adjourn without his opponent accepting it?

posted at 2012-09-07 13:44 by Jammes

Thank you!

posted at 2012-09-07 16:36 by wmahan

Please see

"If a player disconnects for more than 15 minutes, or 3 times within 30 minutes, either player may elect to have the game be adjourned to a later date."

posted at 2012-10-17 09:43 by pchesso

    > new 1488
    1488 (Mon, Oct 15) Noescape change

    Noescape is now in play if one user requests it. This is to help cut the huge
    number of games to be adjudicated which is hard to keep on top of. If you
    prefer this not to be the case because of a bad connection you can request
    !noescape in your formula.

    Posted by DAV.


Does this affect tl? Will the bot overrule our vars/formulae? What if my opp has Noescape on and I disconnect? I'm sure !noescape won't save me and my team then? - I am unhappy about this rule change.

Thanks for your comments!

posted at 2012-10-17 23:35 by smallblackcat

Relax, this won't affect TL games. The bot no longer allows players to start a game with noescape or private set to 1. Also, the rules clearly state that players must switch these settings to 0 for TL games.

posted at 2012-10-18 08:20 by pchesso

Thanks for correcting me, black cat. - Perhaps we'll need a bot in RW too, then. Next year...

posted at 2018-06-16 00:09 by pchesso