FICS Teamleague

Playing the Game


What to do at Game Time

Show Up at Agreed-Upon Time; 15-Minute Grace Period . Out of consideration for your opponent, do your best to show up at the agreed upon time. However, there is a 15-minute grace period. If after 15 minutes, you have not arrived, you are at the mercy of your opp. He does not have to reschedule or even start his game after 15 minutes.
What Color do I Have? There are at least 3 places to see this. The pairings page shows what color each player is assigned. Also, each Game Forum post indicates the player's color.

Issue Play Command and Enjoy your Game! . Start your game issuing the play command to the teamleague bot. "tell teamleague play gameID", gameID being your game number. The teamleague bot will issue the corresponding match commands. Accept the match command to start your game. Games are played "rated.” Games are "Standard 45 45", 45 minutes plus 45 second increment per move.If you or your opponent disconnect during the game and come back shortly, resume the game issuing the same comand "tell teamleague play gameID". If a player disconnects for more than 15 minutes, or 3 times within 30 minutes, either player may elect to have the game be adjourned to a later date. If resumption is not possible ( E.g. after Game Completition deadline, end of round 6, late in playoffs rounds, unavailability of one or both players) the Tournament Director will make a determination of Set Game or Set Game Draw, based on the position at the time.

Player and Spectator Conduct. No kibitzing, no more time, no takebacks, and no cheating! Spectators are to avoid making any comments to the players! “Whisper” to other observers only. Once the game has started, no one should call to a player's attention any error in color allocation or time control, nor offer advice on offering or accepting draws. Control of the game is solely in the players' hands!