FICS Teamleague

Bot Commands

First of all, create an alias, it will save you alot of work. Type in the console "alias tl xtell teamleague $@". Then you just have to use "tl" to issue a teamleague command.

=interested = Lists the players on interested list

=lineup = Lists a team's lineup for current or specified round (USAGE: =lineup TeamName [round]; Example: "tl =lineup TestTeam 4" will print TestTeam's lineup for round 4)

=tds = lists all online TDs and admins

=teams = Lists all teams (USAGE: =teams [tourney[section]]. Examples: "tl =teams"; "tl =teams T32"; "tl =teams T32 U1800*")

=team = Shows information about a particular team (USAGE: =team TeamName [tourney]. Examples: "tl =team TestTeam"; "tl =team TestTeam T32")

check = Gives stats for a player - join status and fixed rating. Can be used to determine team average based on top four rated players. (USAGE: check player1 player2 [...])

checkteam = Checks if the team is eligible. Unlike check, it requires that all players must have joined (USAGE: checkteam TeamName Section Captain DeputyCaptain|--- player1 player2 player3 player4 player5|--- player6|---.Example: "tl checkteam TestTeam U1800* seberg --- HyperMagnus fernbap twotowers seberg KlassAct ---")

examine = Examines a certain game that has been played (USAGE: examine gameID#)

help = Prints a help file

join = Enables player to join the league

pairings = Shows pairings. (USAGE: pairings [round[section[tourney]]]. Examples: "tl pairings" will show all pairings for current round; "tl pairings 1" will show all pairings for round 1; "tl pairings 1 U1800*" will show pairings for U1800 section, round 1; "tl pairings 4 U1600* T32" will show pairings for U1600 section, round 4 of tourney T32)

pending = Lists your unplayed games (or games of specified handle) (USAGE: pending [handle])

play = Tells bot to start the game. IMPORTANT!!! Players MUST start their game this way, unless bot is offline (USAGE: play gameID#)

post = Posts to game discussion forums. Use the "/n" character for newline (max 5 such characters per post) (USAGE: post gameID# text. Example: "tl post 44 Hi, I'd like to play on Sunday")

printgdiscussion = Prints game scheduling forums for specified game. (USAGE: gameID#. Example: "tl 42" will print game discussion forums to game with ID 42)

set = Changes a certain variable. (USAGE: set [variable]. Examples: "tl set height 30"; "tl set interested 1")

standings = Shows current standings (USAGE: standings [tourney[section]]. Examples: "tl standings"; "tl standings T32"; "tl standings T32 U1400*")

vars = Lists your variables

withdraw = stops scanning for your game to start. Cancels play command so that you can issue it again.