FICS Teamleague


Article I - Mission Statement

Team chess is a rapidly growing venue for players of all strengths to compete both individually and as a team. This allows all players to enjoy the spirit of the game, to meet players worldwide, to foster team spirit, to encourage teaching of skills, and to promote good sportsmanship. The benefits for the existence of a Team League promotes these qualities and the location of a venue hosting such an event, attracting people who would not otherwise get to go to a team tournament live.

FICS TeamLeague shares the primary goal of providing organized chess events at a longer time control rarely available anywhere else on the internet. FICS TeamLeague also strives to provide for the enjoyment of the game of chess and establish a venue for friendships and community worldwide.

Article II - Computers

FICS TeamLeague is a group of dedicated human chess players who desire to play Slow Time Control chess with other human chess players. The clandestine use of chess databases and/or chess engines is condemned in the highest degree. Cheating by the use of these computer programs to assist even in the slightest amount is completely and forcibly prohibited.

Article III - Board of Directors

The role and purpose of the Board of Directors is to manage the affairs of the league, to set its direction and expansion, see to its advertisement and management, writing the Constitution, Statutes and Handbooks, and reviewing the rulings of the previous TD group. This is the ultimate governing body of Team 45 45 League with all rights and responsibilities.

The Board of Directors consists of a council of members some of whom maybe permanent, the rest shall be composed of volunteers from Team Captains and, if there is a room, from the General League Membership, whom are invited to join by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall establish their own rules and is not subject to any statutes or administrative rules while acting on Board of Directors affairs.

The Board of Directors will appoint, by a simple majority, the Chief Tournament Director for each tourney.

Article IV - Chief Tournament Director

The purpose of the Chief Tournament Director (Chief TD)is to oversee the management of the specific FICS TeamLeague tournament for which is appointed, to provide adjudication of any disputes occurring during said tournament.

The Chief TD has the authority to establish Interim Rules which shall have the weight or ordinary rules, except that the Interim Rules only apply to the tournament for which the Chief Tournament Director was appointed.

The Chief TD shall have the responsibilities of running the day to day business of the League, completing or delegating duties which may include receiving Team Entries, maintaining the web site, making the pairings for the current round of the event, receiving game scores, awarding forfeits, creating Administrative Rules required by statute, and promptly forwarding all contested decisions to the any appeals committee as deemed needed.

The Chief TD will appoint section Tournament Directors (TD) as needed. The Chief TD and all section TDs will deal with all involved in a fair and equitable manner and at all times will behave with a diplomatic and reasonable deportment.

The Chief TD shall establish Administrative Rules to govern the various levels of authority and responsibility for the group of his/her section TDs.

The Chief TD may appoint/change an individual as Deputy Chief TD whose duties and responsibilities shall parallel those of the Chief TD. 

Article V - Team Structure

There will be a minimum of 4 players to a team with the suggested option of two additional players for a maximum of six players.  Each team must have one and only one Team Captain who decides who plays for the team, which 4 players will participate in any given round, represent the team in any dispute, and all other duties required by Statute, Interim Rule, or directive by Chief or Deputy Chief TD. The captain may be either a playing captain or a non-playing captain. Each team is required to designate an Alternate Team Captain who may act on the Team Captain's behalf if they are unavailable.

Team internal structure is beyond the scope of League Management, and teams are free to establish any sort of structure that complies with the Statutes and By-Laws, including the designations of Assistant Team Captain, Archivist, or any other position they wish to establish. Regardless of any internal team positions, only the officially designated Team Captain can speak for the team when communicating with other teams or League Managers.

Article VI - Precedence and Amendments

This Constitution, the Statutes, Interim Rules, Administrative Rules, Handbooks of Play, FAQ's, and any other document regulating the governance of FICS TeamLeague shall be considered in total the By-Laws. If there exists inconsistencies or contradictions within the By-Laws, the following order of authority shall be used, from the highest authority to the lowest authority: The Constitution, the Statutes and/or Interim Rules, Administrative Rules, the Handbooks of Play, Statements of Opinion by the Tournament Director, any other document regulating the governance of FICS Teamleague, and Tosses of the Coin.

Interim Rules shall be established, amended or changed by the Board of Director. Administrative Rules shall be amended or changed by the Chief Tournament Director. The Handbooks of Play shall be amended or changed by the person designated by the Board of Directors to write them. Statements of Opinion by the Chief Tournament Director shall be superseded by more current Statements of Opinion by the Chief Tournament Director.