FICS Teamleague

Section 16 - Replacement Players

A. An individual player may withdraw at any time during the tournament and the player need not give any reason. The withdrawing player shall give notice to their Team Captain immediately upon their decision to withdraw.
i. If an outstanding pairing exist for the withdrawing player, this game will be "set game" against the withdrawing player.

ii. The withdrawing player can be left on the Team Roster or removed off it at the discretion of the Captain.

iii. Players given Red Card suspensions are immediately removed from the Team Roster in all circumstances.

iv. Players who reach a Reliability Rating of 0 are immediately removed from the Team Roster in all circumstances.

v. Players found guilty of cheating or playing under a duplicate account are immediately removed from the Team Roster. All game results are vacated.

vi. Withdrawing players can not subsequently be added again to any team in that same rating section once TL has begun.

B. A team may add players to their Team Roster during the tournament. until the beginning of round 6. After that players can be only removed, but not added. The following restrictions shall apply:

i. The added player shall meet all the requirements described in Section XXX (TBA)

ii. The added player shall not have played in the section he is being added to earlier in the tournament. 

iii. The limit of the number of players on a team shall be six. If adding a player would exceed this amount, then a player will have to be permanently withdrawn to make room for the added player on the Team Roster.
iv. The added player's rating at the time of the addition, or rating previously fixed, shall be the Fixed Rating for that player for the duration of the tournament.
v. The Team Average Rating shall be recalculated (Section 4(F)) after the addition (and possible withdrawing) of players. This new Team Average Rating shall become the new official Team Average Rating and shall conform to the sectional limit in which the team is competing. 
vi. The Seed Number of the team shall never change regardless of any additions or replacements.

vii. Requests for player additions to a team in an upcoming round must be made prior to Monday, 1900 server time.