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Games not Played

Rulings - Types of Rulings for Games Not Played

If a game does not get played, or if a captain requests a ruling, you will have to make a ruling on the game.



set games

are different! To avoid confusion, please use the correct term in your Game Forum posts, and the correct symbols when posting a result. The difference between a forfeit and a set game depends on whether penalty cards are appropriate.

Establish blame.

The Rules are based on three levels of blame to certain actions that might cause a game not to be played: blameless, partial blame (e.g. no contact prior to First Contact Deadline), and full blame (e.g. no contact prior to Contact-or-Forfeit Deadline). The player who is either blameless or merits less blame then the opponent is considered the offended party, and rulings go in the favor of this player. Equal blame calls for a set game draw, double forfeit, or double set game against.

Establish degree of Fault.

Once blame (and loss of a game point) is established, then establish how bad the blame is (enough for a penalty card?). See statute section 15 for examples of partial blame. Two occurrences of partial blame equal full blame. There are two levels of fault: set game (one player awarded the win, the other receives a -1 RR point penalty), and forfeit (one player awarded the win, and the other receives a -2 RR points penalty).

Forfeits vs. Set Games


If one player clearly holds full blame for the game not being played (e.g. no-contact or no-show), you would rule it a forfeit and award the game point to the non-offending player. Each forfeit requires you to recommend a -2 point penalty for the offending player.

Double Forfeit.

If both players merit full blame, the game is a double forfeit, -2 point penalties to both players.

Set Game in favor of one player.

A Set Game is used to award the game point to one player when full blame is not established. For example, if one player clearly was available to play, but the other player presents a valid excuse for not making contact or not being able to play, you would rule this a set game and award the game point to the available player. -1 RR point recomended the other player.

Set Game Draw.

If both players show good faith efforts to schedule and to play, but are unable to find an agreeable time to play, or if both players present minor difficulties not great enough for establishing full blame, you will rule a Set Game Draw. The players will split the game point, and no penalty will be recommended.

Pre-Agreed Set Game Draw.

A proposed Set Game Draw initiated by the players (the GM draw) must have the approval of both captains before the official ruling is made.

Summary of Rulings, based on degree of blame

Blameless Partial
vs. vs.
Blameless Blameless
Set Game Draw (=:=)
Set Game in Favor of Blameless (o:i)
Set Game Draw (=:=)
Forfeit in Favor of Blameless (-:+)
Forfeit in Favor of Partial (-:+)
Double Forfeit (-:-)