FICS Teamleague

Make a Presence

Make a presence in the League channel.

This is NOT a requirement for serving the league as a TD, but a way that you could further be of service if you have the time and inclination. We encourage you to:

  1. Observe league games, especially those in the division/section you TD
  2. Be on the look out for questions in the league channel that you could answer. If you know the answer, don't be shy about speaking up. Most questions are easy procedural concerns, such as "How long do I have to wait for my opponent?", or "When are lineups due?" However, be careful in phrasing your answer - give general information, not sounding like you are giving a ruling on a specific situation that you might not know all the details about. For example, "If he's not here by 9:00, you get a forfeit win" might cause trouble. Instead, try something like, "If your opponent is not here at 30 minutes past the agreed time, he forfeits. But wait until the autoforfeit posts it in the Game Forum." Or copy pertinent text from the statutes or handbooks to paste into your tell as way of giving your answer. When copying copying text out of context, consider also giving the player a link to the appropriate webpage that has the complete information. Another great stock answer: "Post that question in your Game Forum."
  3. Request that inappropriate behavior stop. Call a server admin if it's severe (the command "tl =TDs" will show which admins and TDs are on duty at the moment). But usually all that's needed is a polite "Let's keep the chat appropriate for a family friendly environment," or "Please don't kib, use the whisper command."
  4. Send any issues you observe to the Chief TD (copy and paste the whole channel conversation or game console text into your message). This might include irregularities in a game (e.g. kibs, takebacks, arguments, etc.), behavior issues, or questions you weren't sure of the answers to.