FICS Teamleague

How to Enter a Team

You must fill out the online form with your team roster.

By first checking your team, the program will:

  • Find the correct rating for each player.
  • Calculate the team average of the top four players and tell you whether the ratings average of the team you propose fits the ratings section you have chosen.
  • Alert you if any of your players have not joined.  If any players have not yet done that, instruct them to do so, before you check the team again.

Players with ratings within a 50 point difference can be swaped in the team roster, but that position will not change for the whole tourney.

You may go to the Captain's Page to update your team roster (replacing players or adding players) at any time during the course of the tournament (even for the last round of the playoffs!), as long as the new team composition still conforms to all team requirements, as explained above in "Putting a Team Together".