FICS Teamleague

Weekly Duties

Cheerleader, Caretaker, and Supervisor of your Team (i.e. Mom/Dad) and Board Assignments -

  • Each week, decide which of your players will play in the next round, communicate that decision to your team, and submit that lineup (Board Assignments) via the Captains page or using the teamleague bot prior to Tuesday, 22:00 server (FICS) time.
  • Players additions to a roster for an upcoming round MUST be submitted to Chief TD or Deputy Chief TD prior to Monday, 22:00 server (FICS) time.
  • If you forget to enter the board assignments by the deadline, your default board assignments will be used. You may makes changes to your Board Assignments for the next round right up to the Board Assignment deadline, but changes to default board assignments should not be made within the last hour before the Deadline. If you submit your board assignment, then change your team roster, be sure to resubmit your board assignments if you intend a change in board assignments for the upcoming round.

Important! Be sure that the players you assign will be available to schedule and play this week. You should already have checked with them and told them who will be playing. Keep your players out of yellow card issues, and your team happy with you.

Only 3 players available this week? - This is an unusual situation that should be avoided with prior planning. However, if you find it unavoidable, do NOT assign the player that you know is unavailable. This misleads your players' opponent, and frustrates your player when he must defend himself against a potential yellow card. Submit the board assignment, with the three players that you know are available. AND send an message to the teamleague account, so that the proper pairings take place.

Monitor Game Forum - Watch Scheduling, game completion, and PGN reporting of each of your team members. Pay attention to the Game Forum emails that come to you any time a post is added to the Game Forum of one of your players. Even better: visit the forum of each of your players every day to read each strand in context.