FICS Teamleague

Spokesperson for your Team

You are the conduit for information between your team and the section Tournament Director (TD). Please have your players go through you whenever possible in order to streamline things, since you are more familiar with League procedures than the other players on your team.   You will try to verify the rules, using the handbooks, FAQ's, and Statutes before conferring with the section TD.

Things you'll want to post into the Game Forum for your players:

  • Questions for the section TD
  • Requests for section TD action, such as forfeits, or set games IF your player is unable to do so for herself/himself.
  • When making a no-show claim against the opponent of one of your players, put the log of both players in the Game Forum. To see a player's log, the command on FICS server is “log <player>”.
  • If there is something in your player's Game Forum that he should be attending to, and hasn't, you can either encourage him to do so, or if he is not available, you can speak for him if you know his intentions.  However, use caution, because any scheduling you do for your player is binding on him/her.
  • While familiarity with rules is important to help support/protect your players, please avoid lengthy citing of rules, and just cut to the chase of the matter.