FICS Teamleague

Section 18 - Cheating

A. Any player caught cheating will be dismissed with immediate effect and issued a double red card with resultant lifetime ban from TeamLeague.
i. All previous results in the current tournament for cheating player will be changed to forfeit loss and team match points recalculated.
ii. Team match points and game points will be recalculated after above.

B. Names of cheaters will be turned over to FICS for possible further action.

C. Cheating is the use of ANY outside assistance during a game or adjournment – other players, books, computers, additional boards, etc.
i. Computer cheating is the use of any chess software such as chess databases or analysis engines to help you decide on any of the moves during any game played.

D. All TeamLeague games are recorded and analyzed for cheating and subject to review at any time. The methods used to detect cheating are confidential. However, we can clear up some common misconceptions by listing some things that do NOT cause them to flag someone as a cheater:
i. You will never be flagged as a cheater just because someone complains.
ii. Beating an IM or GM will not get you flagged as cheater.
iii. Circumstantial evidence such as a high rating, "smooth" move times, or good tactical skill will not get you flagged as cheater.

E. The following procedures are the only way to properly report suspected cheating:
i. Please message the Tournament Director.
ii. Include the handle of the suspected player, the reason for your suspicion, and any other evidence that seems relevant.
iii. You may be contacted for further information.
iv. Please do not request to be kept informed - you will be notified if and only if it is appropriate. Everyone does appreciate your assistance.
v. DO NOT confront other users whom you suspect of cheating. DO NOT publicly accuse people of cheating. The ONLY proper procedure is to message the Tournament Director. [Entire Section ¶ SC 12-13.]