FICS Teamleague

Section 11 - Conduct of the Game

A. All games are to be played via the TeamLeague bot. If the bot is offline players shall contact any TeamLeague official and ask him to start it. If the bot is unavailable players shall start the game using the server "match" command. If the bot is online but the players do not start the game with its help, the game is to be replayed. However, the Tournament Director reserves the right to validate the result of such a game.

B. The movement of the pieces, time keeping, stalemates and all other similar mandatory rules shall be controlled solely by FICS and its programming.

C. The following server commands are to be used as follows:
i. "Takeback" and "Moretime" shall neither be offered nor accepted by any player. Any game in which takeback is offered and accepted will be ruled double set game against both players. Any game in which Moretime is added will be ruled set game against the player who adds the time.

ii. No observer shall "kibitz" during the game. Players can kibitz, however it is strongly advised not to do so and might result in sanctions against the kibitzing player.

iii. No player shall use "tell" to a competitor, except the section TD, Deputy Chief TD, or  Chief TD, and then only in great need. Once the game has started, no one may offer advice on accepting draw offers. Control of the game is solely in the players' hands.

iv. Frequent and repetitive draw offers shall not be issued, regardless of the position on the board. Draw offers more often than once every 5 full moves shall be considered disruptive.

v. The TeamLeague bot normally shall block "takeback", "moretime" and "kibitz" commands. However, in the case the game was started without bot, players and observers shall observe the guidelines described in Subsection C i. and C ii. of this Section.

D. The following server variables are to be used as follows:

i. "Noescape" shall be set to 0. The TeamLeague bot does not block this variable. Should a game be played with noescape on, and either player disconnects and forfeits, the result of the game will be a loss to BOTH players.

ii. "Private" shall be set to 0. If the game started privately it shall be aborted immediately and restarted.

D. If a player disconnects, he/she must reconnect and restart game as soon as possible. Games are to be restarted via the TeamLeague bot.
i. Games are to be played with noescape turned off. Should a game be played with noescape on, and a player disconnect and forfeit, the result of the game will be a loss to that player, as shown by the pgn score. E.g. “{Black got disconnected and forfeits} 1-0” and no further penalty will be applied. ¶ SC 24-25
ii. Games are to be played with ‘private’ variable off.
iv. In other situations that can best be described as technical difficulties, the intent and spirit of the league is that the games be played to a conclusion if possible. Should a player disconnect for more than 15 minutes, or 3 times within 30 minutes, either player may elect to have the game be adjourned to a later date. Should adjournment to a later date not be possible (E.g. after Game Completion Deadline, end of round 6, late in playoff rounds, unavailability of one or both of the players) the Tournament Director will make a determination of Set Game or Set Game Draw, based on the position at the time. It is expected that players and captains will discuss resolution of affected games with Section 3.B. in mind, and not question the motives of the opponent.¶ SC 21-22.

E. Should a server crash result in an unstored game, the game will be resolved in the following order of priority:
i. Restart the game with the same move sequence.
ii. Agree to a set game draw. Both players have to agree.

F. Should a server become inaccessible, the following policies apply:
i. The 15-minute Grace Period defined in Section 15.A.i.a. remains in effect. Players have an obligation to continue attempts to access the server during the grace period. If FICS is not accessible by the end of the 15-minute grace period, the game shall be rescheduled using the guidelines of Section 11. E. iv.
ii. Games in progress that are "stored" by FICS will be continued using the guidelines of Section 11. E. iv.