FICS Teamleague

Section 4 - Team Entry

A. The team's official entry shall be submitted to the Chief or Deputy Chief Tournament Director by means of server message to the TeamLeague(TD) account by the Team Captain or Deputy Captain no later than the Team Entry Deadline.

B. A team at entry shall have a minimum of 4 players, and a maximum of 6 players. If a team loses a player during the tournament they are allowed to proceed with less than 4 players, but should actively seek replacement/alternative players

C. The minimum required information shall be:
i. Team Name, which shall be moderate in length (preferably not more than 20 characters).
ii. Tournament Section the team wishes to compete in, if qualified. A team may not play neither "up", nor "down" a section.
iii. List of individual player handles in order of which they will play. The player on first board shall have the highest rating, the player on second board shall have the second highest rating etc. Captains can switch the players whose ratings are within 50 points so that the player with lower rating could play on a higher board (see Captain's handbook for a detailed explanation). After team entry deadline, this order is final and can not be altered.
iv. Captain and Deputy Captain name, if any. A working email address for captain is required.

D. All entering players shall have a rating set by TeamLeague. If a player doesn't have a rating, the Chief Tournament Director will set it manually. The Chief Tournament Director also holds the right to lower or raise a players' rating at his discretion. Once a player's rating is fixed by the Chief Tournament Director, it shall remain the same for the duration of the tournament, and is called the player's Fixed Rating.

E. Team Average Rating will be calculated after the player's ratings are fixed and shall be the average of the top four rated players on the team (regardless of the board order).

F. The Chief Tournament Director reserves the right to discard incomplete team applications.

G. A captain is allowed to make any changes to the team during the Sign up period. Once the Team Entry Deadline has passed, teams are allowed only to add and remove players. The deadline to add players for an upcoming round is Monday, 1900 server time. This is not to be confused with deadline to change lineup for upcoming round.