FICS Teamleague

Section 3 - Members Eligibility

A. Each individual player must meet the following requirements to participate in TeamLeague:
i. They must be properly registered with FICS and in good standing.

ii. At the beginning of a tournament, they must have a minimum of 20 rated standard games played. The Head TD has the right to require additional games to help insure rating accuracy.

iii. They cannot be a designated computer account.

iv. They may not be a separate designated blind account.

v. They cannot be ratedbanned, or have any previous cheating record in TeamLeague, in any other league, either at FICS or on any other ICS.

vi. Team Captains have no additional requirements to hold that position. It is recommended that individuals participate as a player for one tournament before they become Team Captain.

vii. Limitations:
a. Probationary period. Players returning from a suspension or players with a Reliability Rating lower or equal to 1 at the end of the previous tournament may play or captain only on one team.
b. Restrictions. There are no restrictions upon new or returning players who have successfully completed the previous tournament.

B. Each participant shall play on only one team per section. Each participant may be a Team Captain or other team official for any team regardless of the playing restriction.

C. Team captains may be either playing or non-playing members of the teams. However, no one may captain more than one team in a Section, to avoid conflicts of interest.

D. A player may be Deputy Captain on more than one team, including in the same section.

E. The League reserves the right to deny any players' or team's application without further explanation.