FICS Teamleague

Section 14 - Postponement Procedures

A.  All postponements are subject to the approval of the Tournament Director, or designated official.

B.      The following conditions must be met by the time of the Game Completion Deadline in order to have the game declared postponed:
      i.      The game shall be still pending and not designated as forfeit or set game.
      ii.      Both players shall agree to postpone the game.
      iii.      The time and day that the game is to be played is set, and this time and day shall not be past the Game Completion Deadline for the following round.
      iv.      The Tournament Director shall be informed by the Game Completion Deadline by both players (or their Team Captains) of the postponed status, and the time and day the game will be played.

C.  The deadline to complete  postponed games in the final round of regulation play shall be 2200 FICS server time of the Tuesday following the Game Completion Deadline.¶ SC  16-17.

E.  Postponements are not possible for the final round.