FICS Teamleague

Game of the Week

Here are the top three games for each round, with the number of votes they have received. To vote, log in, find the game you like through the Completed Games page, and click the button there.

1araszek 1-0 pedropablo (1)edrobaza 0-1 TragicPrinceFer (1)Matan 1-0 Miltie (1)
2BIONCHESS 0-1 xandor (2)iwulu 1-0 Ismirdochegal (1)LNO 1-0 antvrs (1)
3Maras 1-0 axeltiger (2)nraravind 0-1 Lcalcino (1)Slek 0-1 leadermarcos (1)