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T68 Honour Roll, and T69 is Open!

Posted at 10/03/17 - 12:03 AM

T68 Honour Roll, and T69 is Open!

T68 is over, but note that there will be a short turn-around before T69 begins. Registration is now open, and will close on Thursday, October 19th at 22:00, with Round 1 to start the following Tuesday, October 24th.

Credit where credit is due though, and here are your winners and top scorers from T68:


Champions: FlamingPhoenixFighters, Runners-up: RainbowWarriors-Azul

1st: Triarius (5.5/7), 2nd= lephudien, xandor (5/6)


Champions: Unseen..University, Runners-up: FlamingPhoenixFightersB

1st: GreGHughes (8/8), 2nd: JoshuaR (5/7), 3rd= ThatDay, chivasia (4/4)


Champions: Piazza.degli.Scacchi_Bianca, Runners-up: EyeOfTheTigran:TheGlare

1st: maxmin (6.5/7), 2nd: whitemarkers (6/7), 3rd: Marlov (5.5/6)


Champions: TheDesertRangers, Runners-up: TheRangers_RioGrande

1st: Caseylj (6.5/7), 2nd: carlosvalero (5/7), 3rd= jcule, nebulus (4.5/5)


Congratulations to our winners, and kudos to all who took part.

Author: smallblackcat

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