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This is the home of FICS TeamLeague. We organize slow time-control chess tournaments on the Free Internet Chess Server. Games are played by individuals, who compete for results as part of a team. We try to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our channel on FICS is 101.

T74 is Open

Posted at 01/16/19 - 10:47 PM

T74 is Open

We are now accepting team entries for T74. The deadline for team entries is Tuesday, February 5th at 22:00 (server time). Round 1 will commence the following Tuesday, February 12th. Note that this year we are holding three tournaments, to allow for longer registration periods and more time off between tourneys.

To enter a team, first login, and the submit a team tab will appear in the upper left side of this page. Follow the information on that page (and please take note of any error messages you may receive), and your registration should be processed within a few days.

Questions are always welcome in channel 101 on FICS, or can be sent via FICS message to the TeamLeague account.

Author: smallblackcat

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