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This is the home of FICS TeamLeague. We organize slow time-control chess tournaments on the Free Internet Chess Server. Games are played by individuals, who compete for results as part of a team. We try to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our channel on FICS is 101.

T49 Begins

Posted at 01/24/12 - 08:09 PM

T49 Begins!

Round 1 has now commenced! New players are advised to read the Player's Handbook, which can be found under Documents above. Most importantly, remember to 1) set your password using the command "tell teamleague set password", 2) start all games with the command "tell teamleague play", and 3) make contact with your opponents via the Game Forum, and provide 3 time offers over at least 2 different days. For every round, the First Contact Deadline is on Thursday at 19:00, and the Contact or Forfeit Deadline is Friday 19:00. All these times are FICS server times (PST), and all negotiations should be made in server time.

Captains may still add players to teams, within the rating caps set for each section (as the highest section, Fischer has no cap). Any additions must be requested by Monday at 19:00 to have effect for the following round. Changes are possible up to the end of round 5.


Author: smallblackcat

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