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This is the home of FICS TeamLeague. We organize slow time-control chess tournaments on the Free Internet Chess Server. Games are played by individuals, who compete for results as part of a team. We try to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our channel on FICS is 101.

T84 Honour Roll

Posted at 05/09/00 - 09:00 PM

T84 Honour Roll

T84 is over. We have announced dates for the next two tourneys on the tab on lower left. In the meantime, here are your winners, runners-up, and top scorers from T84.


Champions: NewBlood/Plasma, Runners-up: RainbowWarriors_Azul

1st: damouno (7/7), 2nd: MauLo (5.5/7), 3rd: MZaiser, xandor (5/7)


Champions: WorldWideWolves, Runners-up: RainbowWarriors_Turquesa

1st: MauLo (3.5/4), 2nd: jones (3/3), 3rd: MichaelOgbeide (3/5)


Champions: VirtualRed, Runners-up: RainbowWarriors_Verde

1st:: leadermarcos (5/5), 2nd: Relu (5/6), 3rd: Montalvonet (4.5/7)


Champions: RainbowWarriors_Amarilla, Runners-up: Bajo_Aragon_Chess_Club

1st: AsDaGo (5/5), 2nd: mccannj (5/7), 3rd: kurumim (4.5/5)


Champions: Poisoned_Pawns, Runners-up: RainbowWarriors_Naranja

1st: IMOEC (5/5), 2nd=antvrs, bvrus (5/7)

Congratulations to our winners, and kudos to all who took part!

Author: smallblackcat

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