FICS Teamleague

Adjourned Games

An extra week to complete your game

Please try to avoid adjourning games beyond the week allotted for the round, but adjournments are permitted. Here is how they are handled:

  • Definition . If circumstances prevent your game from being completed before the Game Completion Deadline, and if both players agree, we can call the game as "Adjourned". This gives an additional week to play your game.
  • Agreed-Upon Plan Needed .  In order to adjourn the game, both players must agree with  the adjournment, and they both will post the  agreement with resuming game time in Game Forum.
  • Adjourned Game Completion Deadline . Adjourned games must be completed by the end of the FOLLOWING round.
  • Final Round . Adjourned games from the LAST ROUND must be played by the following SUNDAY 22:00 FICS so that divisional winners can be established in time to set up sectional playoffs.