FICS Teamleague


Most league players avoid the need to worry about penalties. The following penalties are intended to protect each player's orderly enjoyment of the league. Punitive actions against players are imposed for general misconduct, cheating in any form and forfeited games. These punitive actions take the form of Yellow Cards and Red Cards. A Yellow Card is issued for minor offenses, a Red Card for major offenses. Two Yellow Cards is equal to a Red Card. Misconduct in the extreme may be punished by a double Red Cards. For more details, see Statutes .

  • Yellow Card = Warning . Minor disruptions warrant a Yellow Card. It is a “warning” or “reminder” that you have violated the rules somehow. No further action will be administered at the time of the card issuance. Examples of Yellow Card minor offenses:  failure to schedule a game in a prompt fashion, or for behavior infractions under Section 3.B. (courtesy) of the Statutes.
  • Two Yellow Cards = Red Card . Two Yellow Cards earned during one tournament, or within two consecutive league tournaments equals a Red Card, and therefore suspension.
  • Red Card = Immediate Suspension . Major disruptions warrant a Red Card. A player who receives a Red Card is immediately suspended from all league activities for the remainder of the present tournament and the next full tournament. Examples of Red Card violations: severe violations of Statutes Sections 3.B (courtesy) or 3.D (respect for volunteers), or earning two Yellow Cards within one tournament.
  • Two Red Cards = Permanent Expulsion from League . Two Red Cards earned within 12 months will ban that player from the league for life. Also, cheating in any form results in Double Red Cards, and therefore a permanent ban from the League.