FICS Teamleague

Ways to Lose

And Other Miscellaneous Reminders

  • Ways to Lose your Game. As a summary of the expectations in this handbook, and the statutes, here are many of the ways to lose your game:
    • Failure to meet second contact deadline. = Forfeit or set game loss.
    • Failure to choose an offered time after missing the first contact deadline. = Forfeit or set game loss.
    • More than fifteen minutes and 00 seconds late to the game. = Forfeit, or set game loss.
    • No-escape is on, and either player disconnects. = BOTH players lose the game.
    • You are on the disconnector's list, and you disconnect = You lose the game.
    • Takeback is offered and accepted = Set game loss against both players, no game point for either.
    • Moretime is given. = Set Game loss against the player who gave the Moretime.
    • You seek outside advice, during the game, on any aspect of the game, including draw offers. = Forfeit, regardless of the position, plus possible additional punitive actions. This infraction includes seeking a captain's advice on offering or accepting a draw. (Players and captains should discuss, before the game, what outcomes might be acceptable.)
    • Deliberate disconnections may be subject to forfeiture of the game, regardless of the position.
  • Avoid These. These actions do not cause immediate loss, but are examples of problems that will be considered by the TD if an adjudication becomes necessary (Two occurrences of “partial blame” constitute “full blame”):
    • Missing the first contact deadline
    • A response taking more than 24 hours
    • Offering less than the three game time offers
    • Not waiting 15 minutes for your opponent to show up
    • Ruling out your entire weekend, when players of widely varied time zones often must meet
  • Unavailable to Play this Week? Most teams have alternates, so if you are unavailable to play, someone else can be scheduled in your place for that week, if you communicate that need with your captain prior to the board lineup deadline 22:00 FICS.
  • Questions? Problems? First and foremost, you are part of a team. Your team is your first resource for solving problems. Ask your captain or other members of your team, post a question in your game forum, or ask in the league channel FICS: 101. See the Contacts page for email options. Do not wait until you get a forfeit and a yellow card to say you didn't know what to do. There is plenty of help available.
  • Pay Close Attention to the Deadlines. Please take the time to become completely familiar with what is expected of you. Any time you are unsure, ask your captain for help.