FICS Teamleague

Game Forum


Use the Game Forum to Arrange Your Game All contacts with your opponent to arrange your match are made using the Game Forum on the league website.

  • Check your email inbox or your FICS messages. Once pairings are up, you will receive an automated email/FICS message telling you that you were paired and who your oponent is.We strongly recomend you to set the FICS variable mailmess to 1 ("set mailmess 1" at FICS), so that all fics messages you receive are relayed to your email account.
  • Your Post is Seen by Others. You, your opponent, both team captains and assistant captains will be able to see your game forum. These people, and the TD staff, can also post messages to your Game Forum to assist the process. and may announce your game schedule in channel tells.
  • Check your Game Forum Daily . For now, teamleague will not send any message once a post is entered in your forum, so be sure to check it frequently, at least daily.
  • Post Agreed Game Time . When you and your opponent have agreed upon a date and time to play your game, you must post the agreed game time in the gameforum, by setting the date/time and pressing the "Set agreed time" button. You can even enter a message and set game time in the same post. The "Set agreed time" button will submit both. This will post your game time to the pairings page, include your game in the pendings page, and will enable automated game announcements in the league channel, and automated PGN results posting. This feature is not part of offering a game time and is not part of accepting a game time. Everyone needs to see your text offering the game times and accepting a game time.
  • Use the Forum to Alert the dTD of Problems. Should a dispute arise, and you want to request a forfeit or a set game, ask your captain to put that request in your Game Forum. The dTD will see it and act upon it.